BAS Returns

starting from $165


  • Review Quarterly Cashbook
  • Prepare Quarterly BAS Return
  • Prepare Annual BAS Return
  • Lodge BAS Return Electronically


BAS Returns

BAS Return Sydney


Preparing BAS returns can be a daunting experience. TAX logic simplifies the process by helping small businesses put together all their transactions and lodge their BAS, GST and PAYG returns.


The BAS (Business Activity Statement) is a single form that reports the following obligations and entitlements:

  • GST (Goods & Services Tax)
  • PAYG (Pay As You Go) Withholding
  • PAYG Instalments
  • FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) Instalments
  • Wine Equalisation Tax
  • Luxury Car Tax
  • Deferred Company Tax Instalment
  • Fuel Tax Credit


Things you should know about GST & BAS:

  • Registration for GST is compulsory for businesses with an annual turnover of $75,000 or more
  • You must have an ABN to claim GST back on any business purchases you make
  • The size of your business will determine whether you need to lodge your BAS Return annually, quarterly or monthly.
  • Businesses with an annual turnover less than $20 million may lodge their BAS returns quarterly.
  • You can account for GST on a cash basis where your annual turnover is less than $2 million


Missing a BAS Statement?

If you have misplaced your BAS Statement TAX logic can add you to our client listing and retreive your BAS Form online via the tax agent's portal link direct with the Tax Office.


Late in lodging a BAS Statement?

If you are late in lodging your BAS Statement TAX logic will contact the Tax Office on your behalf to let them know your BAS return is being worked on whilst we bump you to the head of the queue and treat you as an urgent client. We will then lodge your GST Return electronically.

Not Registered for GST yet?

If you need help with GST Registration TAX logic can help you obtain an ABN assisting you to get up to date and into the GST system.


Need help to Work Out GST?

TAX logic provides assistance to new small business owners aware of their GST responsibilities but in need of help to work out GST:

  • We can prepare your cashbook for you
  • We can provide you with a cashbook template so you can do it yourself
  • We can prepare your BAS Return for you
  • We can review a BAS return you have prepared yourself
  • We can advise you on which structure is right for your business


Do My BAS !!!

TAX logic are a team of mobile BAS Agents offering both business and after hours BAS preparation services for Small Business Owners


All TAX logic tax agents hold either Chartered Accountant or CPA qualifications.


To book an appointment to have your BAS return prepared call 9439 4722.